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Happy Easter Images Bess - 2020/04/01(Wed) 08:43 <URL> No.1014202

Easter is celebrated as a joyous occasion and the Sunday prior is called Palm Sunday which marks the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem.

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Easter Images Quotes Emma - 2020/04/01(Wed) 08:40 <URL> No.1014200

Or more precisely: Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the "official" full moon on or after the "official" vernal equinox.

approved Darrell - 2020/04/01(Wed) 08:39 <URL> No.1014199

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Happy Easter Images Tom - 2020/04/01(Wed) 08:39 <URL> No.1014198

It was decided by the bishops that Easter Day would fall on the next full moon after the spring equinox, called the paschal full moon.

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